Carbon Offset Invitation


  1. Discover what it would cost to offset your personal/family carbon footprint
  2. Discover a fast, easy way to offset your footprint by sponsoring the planting of trees in forests throughout the world
  3. Discover the joy of making a gift of tax deductible trees in the name of people in your life thereby transforming your gifts into making a difference in reversing global warming

A short personal history from Randy McNamara

For the past 2 years I told myself over and over again, “You should offset your personal and family carbon footprint by planting trees.” BUT, I did nothing, mostly because I was afraid my footprint was so damn big it would cost me a fortune. Plus, how do I figure out what my footprint is and, if I find out, where the heck do I go to find an organization that plants trees because there’s not enough room in my yard for all those trees.

5 minutes researching the internet and I got my questions answered and was happily surprised! My footprint for this whole year is only about $1100. There’s an organization that plants trees for $1 per tree and they’ll send a gift card from you if you want to have the trees planted in someone’s honor. The $1 per tree is a tax deductible donation. Voila! The end of hunting for birthday and Christmas presents!

Step 1

Discover your carbon footprint. This does not then mean you are obligated to offset your footprint.  You could just forget it or offset it at a lower rate. It’s your choice after all.

Google:   You answer a simple set of questions and presto, the website computes your carbon footprint for you and your household.  5 minutes and you’ve got  the dollar value of your footprint.

Step 2

Google:   For $1 per tree you can plant trees in projects they sponsor in any of the following regions: North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Pick the project(s) you like and enter your credit card. The organization is a 501c3 so your contribution is tax deductible

There is a gift giving feature where you can donate trees in someone else’s name and they’ll send that person a gift card from you.

Step 3

Put a reminder in your calendar to do steps 1 and 2 once a year on the first Monday in December. Compute next year’s carbon footprint and transform your holiday gift giving from consumption to reversing global warming.