Mission Realization Coach

Randy McNamara


“linking leaders to make the world work”

U.S. phone: 415 713-5933

My mission is to empower people, organizations and governments to cause miraculous results that ensure a thriving livable planet

(This is not mystical. What I mean by a miraculous result is a result that goes beyond common sense or logic)

I coach visionary people who are at work on the following:

The immediate implementation of miraculous clean energy technologies

The immediate implementation of miraculous clean air technologies

The immediate implementation of miraculous actions that restore the world’s oceans

The immediate implementation of miraculous actions that restore the world’s  forests

The immediate implementation of miraculous actions that prevent nuclear war


Qualifications: For 45 years I led transformational courses that empowered 300,000 people to think for themselves. In addition, I trained 800 leaders to coach people in carrying out 100,000 community projects that impact the quality of people’s lives in the world.

My life purpose: “To wake people up so we take care of one another and make the world work and end human contributions to catastrophic global warming and climate change by 2040.”

Coaching principle: I live what I coach people in, none of it is theoretical. I empower my clients to fulfill their organizational and personal mission and to remove anything that stands between them and the realization of their mission(s).

Leveraging making a difference through networking: I coach clients from 15 different organizations. I am dedicated to linking clients with one another to forward their missions. 

Coaching Areas

Articulating a mission for your organization and your life that touches, moves and inspires you throughout your day

Maintaining focus through coaching to see which choices you are making that forward your mission in life and which ones are either of a lower order or actually not fulfilling your mission at all

Stepping outside of the “blind spots” that block you from realizing your  mission(s) and discovering solutions from an unseen perspective

Expanding your ability to communicate effectively with the people in your organization and with the people in your life outside of your organization including your family

Resolving personnel problems e.g. dealing with people who are not performing up to standard, determining whether to keep someone or fire them, determining the qualities you are looking for in hiring someone

Honoring your word, keeping your promises to others and to yourself, holding others to account for their word to you

Vastly reducing stress in your life through effective management of your time and schedule

Expanding your energy and vitality through techniques for getting, deep refreshing sleep 

Resolving personal and organizational financial issues

Effectively dealing with unexpected situations with a minimum of disruption, e.g. issues with your children, short term illness, death of a loved one, etc.

Effectively dealing with major health issues, e.g. getting the facts from your doctor, effectively acting on the facts, getting support, communicating with family

Restoring you to health and vitality when you are hit with any type of illness through ontological discourse