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Transform your relationship to the air we breathe

Snapping Out of the Trance About Climate Change

Human beings are in a trance regarding taking the actions in time to stop human contributions to climate change.

Click below to watch a short, thought-provoking film that wakes us up from the trance so that we act now.

Waking Up from our Global Climate Trance

Many Graduates of EST and the Landmark Forum have a profound commitment to solving global issues. According to Randy McNamara, Landmark Forum Leader Emeritus and the first leader to lead the est training after Werner Erhard, the Number One Existential Crisis ever to face humanity is global warming and the changing of our climate.

Since retiring 3 years ago, Randy has invented himself as a pro bono Mission Realization Coach to 21 different organizations working to reverse global warming and end human contributions to climate change.

Randy will be providing a one-hour coaching call with us on which he will distinguish the trances that keep people from acting immediately and effectively to solve this very, very complex problem. He will introduce us to the “Beingness of Air,” a unique way of thinking about air and our relationship to air that can communicate to both people who acknowledge global warming and those who completely deny its existence.

He will end the hour by introducing us to 3 organizations in which you can personally participate and make a difference.

Randy McNamara | Waking Up from our Global Climate Trance from evox Television Networks on Vimeo.