In the public discourse about climate change people argue about whether or not a specific weather event was caused by global warming.  Conventional understanding of an “effect” such as a storm or drought as having a “cause” or several “causes” is insufficient to explain  global warming and climate change.  It takes a new view called “systemic causation” to make clear the complexity of what is actually happening, In the following piece, Professor Emeritus George Lakoff of the University of California Berkeley, explains  “systemic causation” and opens up a huge window of clarity into the complexity of what is actually happening in contrast to the simple “cause and effect” explanations most of us are used to.

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Here is a second piece by Professor Lakoff. In this piece he discusses the importance of language in dealing with global warming and climate change.

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Political Impacts


  • An Inconvenient Truth by Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore
  • Cowspiracy: Documentary spelling out the impact of methane gas emissions from cattle on climate change/global warming / Agriculture contributes as much emissions to global warming as transportation
  • Merchants of Doubt: Documentary interviewing the scientists and organizations that spread doubt about fossil fuels causing climate change / global warming
  • This Changes Everything: Documentary by Naomi Klein detailing particularly the damage cause by fossil fuel companies around the world including fracking in Canada
  • Before the Flood: Climate change documentary by Leonardo Di Caprio